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Building a great foundation through gymnastics.

​​Motion Gymnastics offers boys and girls gymnastics classes for all ages and levels. ​If you are unsure about placement, we encourage your child to take a $10 trial session. During this session, one of our coaches will evaluate the skill level of your child and recommend the appropriate class.

​​Parent / Child Classes
​Gymnastics is one of the only activities a child can begin when he or she learns to walk. Our Parent and Child class is a structured program for 18 months+ where an instructor will teach basic motor skills, while the parents work along side their child during the lesson. ​​ Over the course of the program, your child will develop better coordination and a good sense of body awareness.
Preschool Classes
Preschool gymnastic classes are geared towards children ages 3 to 4 years old. At this point, children are beginning to gain more confidence in the gymnastics skills they have been taught.

​​ ​​​​​Beginner Level Gymnastics
This level is appropriate for children that have not previously learned gymnastics or are moving up from a preschool level. The beginner level is the most important level in our recreational gymnastic class program because we teach children the basic fundamentals of gymnastics.

​Intermediate Level Gymnastics
Children that have advanced to the intermediate level in our program have demonstrated that they can perform all of the beginner gymnastics skills safely. It is important that children understand that we will always keep building upon the basic skills learned at the beginner level. Some of the skills learned at this level are one arm cartwheels, round off’s, handstands with proper body shape, front and back walk over’s and some children may be introduced to back handsprings.

Advanced Level Gymnastics:
Children that have progressed to the advanced level have shown proficiency in their basic skills and can perform their Intermediate skills safely. Coaches will teach round off back handsprings at this level. Some students may learn back tucks and front tucks depending on their body awareness.

Class Descriptions